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How to proceed

Firstly you will want to know how much a Survey will cost. You can work out the approximate price for our surveys by vessel length.  For a Pre-Purchase Survey we charge in the region of 35€/ft for a mono hull which includes a free sea trial. This will give you an idea of the cost without any added expenses. When we know the make and model of your vessel  we will confirm the price with you.


So when  you are ready to proceed with our services, please read and complete a copy of the Bell Marine Surveying Standard Pre-Purchase Contract and post or email a copy to us . Once we have received this contract we will then be in a position to proceed in accordance with the details submitted and confirm the  price and agree the details and send you back a copy for signing.


For other types of Survey or any questions please contact us.


Please make sure that you have read the above contract or you can review the following contractual information separately, the scope of the work  for a pre-purchase survey which details the work that will be carried out and the type of report submitted. The Terms and Conditions as recommended by the Yacht Designers and Surveying Association YDSA and the Limitations of Survey which explains what is possible to do with a non-destructive approach to surveying. We have to proceed in a professional manner that will not damage the yacht that is often not owned at the time by the person requesting the survey.

Any questions? We are always here to assist and look forward to hearing from you.

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