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Bell Marine Surveying - Marine Surveyor- Tonnage Survey - Marine Surveys - Marine Inspections - sailing boat -  Solaris 44 - testimonial


Solaris 44

Tonnage Survey

"I completed the purchase of a second hand sailing yacht with an Italian flag and kept in Spain and had to Register it under Section I of the UK Ship Register. A Survey and Tonnage Mesurement and Certificate is needed and I had to find someone local who could perform the job quickly.

I found Bell Marine details with an online search, with no previous knowledge of the company. I got in touch and Tim was very responsive: a date for the inspection and Survey was set shortly thereafter, without needing my attendance thus avoiding delays due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Bell Marine was very helpful: after completing the measurement they filled in the application form and paid the fee to IIMS on my behalf making sure that the approved certificate of tonnage was sent to the UK Ship Registry timely.

There are usually concerns when choosing a professional without direct references or in absence of word of mouth recommendation, but the experience with Bell Marine has been extremely good."

Enrico Nanni


Moody 35

Pre-Purchase Survey

"I can very much recommend Tim as a boat surveyor. I asked him to come down to Almeria during Covid time to survey a Moody 35. He is a super nice, fun, precise and correct guy. It was a pleasure to watch him do the survey and discuss all the tests and inspections he did on the boat. Tim’s knowledge helped to find all the hidden issues with this Moody. He knew all the weak spots prior setting foot on the boat all because of his extensive experience. This gave me the maximum confidence I can imagine of a boat survey. 

On the first day, Tim found a problem on the engine mounting. Knowing that the mechanic was coming the next day we continued with the survey. To my surprise the second day Tim showed up at the same time as the mechanic, when he didn’t have to, to talk to him about the problems he had found on the engine the previous day.

Although the previous owner of the boat (a yacht broker) was present at the survey, he handled him well and explained all the problems with great patience and protected my interests in the most professional way.  During the two days of the survey, there was not enough wind for a proper sail. After the previous owner offered a test sail the day after the survey was over, it was a very positive surprise that Tim offered to expand his stay and accompany me on the sail.  Tim is worth every cent and his knowledge is worth gold. I now know every problem I have with this boat and will have maybe in the future. Tim explained the main problems to me very clearly which helped me negotiate with the previous owner (and his mechanic) to lower the price. I am finally a very happy boat owner, with a boat which I know it’s not perfect, but I know what I have."

Laurin Mueller

Bell Marine Surveying - Marine Surveyor- Pre-Purchase Survey - Marine Surveys - Marine Inspections - sailing boat -  Hallberg Rassy 42 - testimonial

Across the Bay being transported back to England.

'Across the Bay'

Hallberg Rassy 42

Pre-Purchase Survey

"What can I say about the service that Glyn and I received from Bell Marine Surveying. After a long search we found an old but honest HR42, in need of extensive restoration. The yacht was located near Sant Carles Spain and being unable to speak Spanish, our choices were limited, however, Tim’s details came up through a search of the RYA’s and International Institute of Marine Surveying Website. As he is based in Valencia, 2 hours from the yacht and knowing that the yacht needed a detailed survey, we gave him a call. Tim conducted the survey, which in itself wasn’t easy, due to the many problems he uncovered, going the extra mile, to make sure we were fully aware of the costs associated with refitting the yacht. An extremely helpful professional, who provided a detailed report, which is now being used a reference by the refit company in England. A fantastic service, always available to talk or text and we would recommend him without hesitation."

John Hogan


Beneteau Oceanis 373

Pre-Purchase Survey

You can check out Lukes and Laures adventures on TALIA here:

"Earlier this year we engaged Bell Marine Surveying to carry out a pre-purchase survey on a sailboat we eventually bought. Tim spent several days meticulously surveying the boat and then detailing his findings in a very comprehensive and helpful report. Tim is a consummate professional going well beyond the scope of work to bring not only an honest evaluation, but also peace of mind to his clients. As this was our first sailboat purchase Tim's experience, support and guidance really put our mind at ease. Tim's survey revealed a variety of issues on the boat that we hadn't expected, Tim has then taken the time to go through the issues with us and offered a variety of concrete options to correct these. Overall, we’re extremely grateful to Tim for the work he put into the survey and all the time and support he has given us since our purchase was complete. Throughout our boat search we travelled to 4 different countries and interacted with MANY different surveyors, hands-down we would recommend Tim over the lot. Worth every penny."

Luke and Laure

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