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Insurance Surveys including Valuation

Need a survey for your marine insurance company and want a little extra peace of mind?

Marine insurance surveys are usually carried out when you have had the vessel a few years and your insurance company is asking you for one so they can review the safety and insurability aspects of the vessel including price.

We offer peace of mind by promising to discuss any significant faults first with you so you have the opportunity to fix them before agreeing terms with your insurance broker and the report will be amended accordingly.

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Marine insurance surveys look at the risk a vessel presents to an insurer. They do not include points that have no effect on safety or insurability so the emphasis is on items such as through hull fittings and fuel systems, rather than the quality of joinery although the whole boat is surveyed as per the Pre-Purchase survey but less detailed concerning cosmetic issues.

  • Vessel Data

  • Hull, Deck & Structure

  • Steering Gear, Stern Gear & Skin Fittings

  • Engine Installation & Ancillaries

  • Systems & Accommodation

  • Deck Gear & Mouldings

  • Rig (Sail Boats)

  • Safety

The Valuation part of the survey is an assessment of the current market value of a vessel on a willing buyer, willing seller basis, taking into account the market for similar vessels, how they compare to yours and current variations between asking and achieved price. A short inspection is carried out to check the vessel's identity, ensure it is as described and has no major faults.

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