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Thinking of buying a boat and want peace of mind?

The main reason for having a pre-purchase survey carried out is to make sure you are buying your dream and not your nightmare. Making sure you are paying the right price, supplying your insurance company with the required info and giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your investment. 

We offer you this service by not only supplying you with a detailed written report but also by understanding (especially if you are a first time buyer) that you need our support and friendly advice during the purchase period.

The pre-purchase survey is one the most extensive of surveys and a good surveyor has to systematically go through each part of the vessel  knowing what to look for and how to determine if there is a fault. It requires years of practical knowledge around boats and the skills learnt in the trade to carry out the work.


We pride ourselves in offering this service and delivering  a clear and concise report in a timely and friendly manner.  

BELL MARINE SURVEYING - Marine Surveyor - Marine Surveys - Marine Inspections - Pre-purchase Survey - peace of mind

The report systematically covers the following sections : 


  • Vessel Data

  • Hull, Deck & Structure

  • Steering Gear, Stern Gear & Skin Fittings

  • Engine Installation & Ancillaries

  • Systems & Accommodation

  • Deck Gear & Mouldings

  • Rig (Sail Boats)

  • Safety

After detailing the information in the report we give a summary of our findings and list our recommendations concerning things we feel are needed to be rectified either before the vessel is used or in the near future.

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