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Bell Marine Surveying is part of the Octopus Europe company which has been trading for 15 years based in Valencia, Spain as a sales and technical hub for Europe for marine equipment.

Tim Bell who is the General Manager and owner of the company has 35 years experience in the marine business and is a Surveyor qualified with a Diploma from Lloyds and also approved by the IIMS & BMSE. As a lifelong sailor and experienced marine engineer Tim heads up the business which offers a comprehensive range of Surveys, Yacht Management and Marine Consultancy.



Survey for the Prospective buyer comprehensively detailing the condition of the vessel.

The role of a marine surveyor is to produce a detailed report on the condition of a vessel. We carry out an in-depth inspection and series of tests on the vessel, looking at each components functionality, structure, and cosmetic condition. Clear conclusions are drawn with expert advice on all issues identified. We offer solutions on the best way forwards, whether it is concerning repairs, facts for purchasing negotiations, or just peace of mind on the condition.


The report is produced within a week and is the sole property of our direct customer and will  not be shown to any other concerned parties unless instructed to do so.

Survey required by Insurance companies to evaluate the condition and monetary value of a vessel.

To inspect the condition of a vessel after damaged has occurred due to common instances  such as Sinking, Machine damage, Collision, Wake damage,  latent defects, structural failure and fire, representing the insurer or the ensured.

Visual inspection for signs of Osmosis blistering, Internal moisture content testing and testing for signs of delamination leading to a comprehensive hull inspection. The treatment process can be specified and managed if required.

We conduct tonnage surveys for vessels up to 24 metres, so that they can be registered under the British Registry of Shipping. The Tonnage Survey is a measurement  survey  conducted with the vessel either in or out of the water and takes about two hours.



BELL MARINE SURVEYING - Marine Surveyor - Galvanic Corrosion Inspection - Marine Surveys - Marine Inspections - rope and anchor

To see if the vessel‘s underwater metal fittings are being adequately protected against galvanic corrosion by the existing anodes and bonding protection systems that are currently in place. This analysis will also check for any stray current (also referred to as electrolysis) that may be occurring around the vessel or coming from the vessel itself.

BELL MARINE SURVEYING - Marine Surveyor - Professional Moisture Inspection - Marine Surveys - Marine Inspections - rope and anchor

We use a Sovereign Quantum Marine Moisture Meter which is the most advanced meter on the market and which is specifically designed for the taking of moisture readings on FRP laminates. The meter gives near surface readings and deeper readings inside the laminate and an experienced operator can use this information to determine the water content and areas for concern.


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Moody 35

"I am finally a very happy boat owner, with a boat which I know is not perfect, but I know what I have."

Laurin Mueller

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